March 24, 2019
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South Island Agricultural Field Days – 2019

Time to get along to the South Island Agricultural Field Days.

Our team will be there from the 27th – 29th March in Kirwee. You’ll be able to find us at Site C68. If you want to pop down and talk about our products and see how good they can be for your doggo come and see us!

SIAD 2019

March 5, 2019
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Central Districts Field Days – 14th – 16th March

Phew! One field day down, another to come. Our team will be at the Central Districts Field Days during March to chat with you about our great range of dog food and dog treats. Watch out for some samples to treat your dog and see how good our products can be.

Come and say hi and talk to us about our great products – appearing in more and more stores and retailers every week!

February 18, 2019
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Northland Field Days – Dargaville 28th Feb – 2nd March 2019

Hi all you Northland dog (and Field Days) lovers.

Our team will be on site in Dargaville from the 28th Feb – 2nd March. There is a chance to talk with our team about your dog and the Superior Chunky and Possyum ranges of Dog Rolls and Dog Treats. We can offer advise on feed rates, storage and introduce you to our product in person.

We will be running a special prize draw over the weekend for attendees as well so pop in to our stand and enter the competition.

We hope to see you all there.


May 8, 2016
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Dog Blog – Meet the Pack

Owner Rebecca Reed based in Feilding, Manawatu is trialling a new feeding regime for her dogs, switching to Superior Chunky and Possyum dog roll; read about their origins and new feed plan including Rebecca’s reasons for trying Superior Chunky and Possyum Supreme.

Meet the Pack



Connor – 8 years old / Bull Mastiff x Great Dane mix; predominantly black.








Ronan – 5 years old / Bull Mastiff x Great Dane mix; mostly tan with black markings.








Fergus – 3 years old / Hungarian Visla cross.







beach fun“Connor, Ronan and Fergus are big, beautiful mixed-breed dogs. Connor and Ronan were born in Brisbane, Australia while Fergus was born in the outback in a small mining town in remote north west Queensland, Australia. Our boys have always been our fur-babies and their health is a priority. They have been fed high quality dry and wet dog foods since puppy hood and enjoyed regular exercise wherever we have moved. Connor is our ”old man’ now and has arthritis which has slowed him down a bit. Supporting his joint health is essential as well as maintaining a healthy weight to minimise stress on his joints.  Ronan and Fergus are younger and far more energetic and during long walks they race ahead through the forest while Connor ambles along beside us. They are gentle giants and content hanging out with us and lounging around the backyard.  When we decided to leave Australia we couldn’t imagine leaving them behind. They  have settled in perfectly to life in New Zealand, enjoying the streams, forests and beaches nearby. We are thrilled to be complementing their happiness and well-being with high quality wet food from Superior Chunky.”

Feed Plan

First Feed.

First Feed

“We are feeding them a mixed dry / wet feed which they receive twice a day (breakfast and dinner).   Previously we had them on a Tux Original biscuit and Bruno wet dog roll combination. They have regular marrow bones (big leg bones that have been halved to create two bones each with a knuckle. They chew on the bones for a week or two until no soft bone (the knuckle) or marrow remains and then we buy some more.
The Bruno wet log works out at about 50c per day per dog.  The Tux biscuits (fed according to guidelines for an off-peak dog- our dogs aren’t working dogs) aprox $1 per day per dog.   Previous feeding cost are approximately = $4.50 a day total.
We are now feeding the dogs on Tux Original and Superior Chunky.  The two younger dogs, Ronan and Fergus, are on the Original at 100g per meal each plus biscuits. The older dog , Connor, is having 150g of Possyum per meal plus biscuits.”


superior-chunky-possyumWeek 1 Oberservations

After one week of Possyum, Connor is more bouncy (not a small feat for an arthritic dog), he seems happier and is eagerly awaiting his breakfast and dinner each day. Following one week of Chunky Original, Ronan and Fergus are as exuberant as ever in their daily activities and also extra enthusiastic for their meals. Overall I have noticed a slight decrease in the amount of dog poo.”





February 21, 2016
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Happy Slippers

Following our attendance at Waimumu Southern Field Days earlier this month, we received feedback and photos from a couple based in Mosgiel. Here’s what they had to say…

“We spoke to you for a little while on the Wednesday of last week at the Waimumu Field Days. We are from Mosgiel and have three “slipper” dogs (Shih Tzu/Bichon; Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso; Shih Tzu/Maltese) and are feeding them Robbers Dog dog-roll (made locally) and biscuits on alternate nights. You suggested that we try them on your product and even generously gave us a free sample of Possyum to try.


We came home, fed them some of the sample and bought a Possyum Supreme roll the next day. They love it and so do we!

The reason that we fed them Robbers Dog dog-roll was that it was less greasy than a lot of the rolls that you get in the supermarket and “nicer” to handle. Possyum is even less greasy so it is a breeze to handle and it doesn’t have the offensive odour that a lot of them have so it doesn’t stink out the fridge (even if it is a drinks one).

The dogs love it and we are having trouble getting them to eat the biscuits on the alternate night 🙂 They just turn their noses up now until we get out the Possyum 🙂

Thanks again, Vickie & Phil Houliston”


Read more about Possyum Supreme, learn about recommended feed rates and find a stockist or view our events calendar and come along and pick up your free sample of Possyum to try!

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February 9, 2016
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Twin Oak Angus


Roger, Susan and their three children farm Twin Oaks Angus Stud in Cave, west of Timaru in South Canterbury. They also lease another sheep and beef property.

They employ a Stock Manager and shepherds and can have up to 11 dogs on the properties.

They feed Chunky in conjunction with meat, usually beef, and have found that their dogs have more energy and keep in better condition. Before moving to Chunky, Roger and Susan had fed biscuits but were never convinced it was the answer and were unaware of Chunky as an alternative.

They tried Chunky when one of their bitches was struggling while feeding 10 pups, and were very impressed how quickly she lifted in condition “and the pups started to do really well’ says Roger. “We had only ever fed biscuits or meat and had never thought to try anything else until Ruby and her pups started to struggle. We tried Chunky and she very quickly lifted in condition and energy”.

Roger says that they now alternate feeding more often and having Chunky in the diet keeps the dogs in better condition “especially when they’re working flat out” he says “we also like the fact that we don’t need a freezer to store Chunky, it’s a saving, and every little bit helps”.

Susan particularly likes Chunky as the dogs are cleaner and easier to feed and she, and the kids, can feed the dogs without the worry and mess of “chopping up animals, axes, and fingers and thumbs!!”.

Roger Hayward Twin Oaks Angus 002 - postRoger says that “the dogs do really well on Chunky, it’s easy to feed the right portion for each dog, it keeps them in great shape even when they’re working hard … it’s a quality product”.

Learn more about the benefits of feeding Superior Chunky.  Visit the Twin Oaks Angus Website here.

August 25, 2014
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John Deere Gator Winners

gator-compDuring the month of June Superior Chunky ran a competition for NZ dog owners to go into the draw to win a John Deere™ Gator, two Gators could be won, one for each island.

The promotion channelled nationally via Rural Stores (RD1, Farmlands, PGG & ATS); with the criteria for entry being proof of purchase.

Many of the rural outlets embraced the competition and dressed up their stores with impressive displays, some of whom acquired the loan of a Gator from their local John Deere™ outlet for the duration of the competition, and some enlisted the help of their faithful friends, their own dog!

Winners were drawn under police supervision at the Superior Chunky processing factory in Cambridge, on 15th July, and the lucky winners were notified and presented with their prizes at their local rural store during August by Richard Hurst (North Island Rep) and Marianne Lloyd (South Island Rep).


north-island-winnerNorth Island Winner; Brent and Sandra Luetigheid, from Hikurangi.  Northland Farmers, Brent and Sandra have been New Zealand dairy farmers for 20 years, moving from the Waikato, they now currently milk 500 cows on a 670 acre block based in Puhi-Puhi near Hikurangi. They own two Huntaway working farm dogs plus three hunting dogs, all raised and fed on Superior Chunky.  Brent and Sandra love the fact that the product is made in New Zealand and from human grade meat, and see clear results in their dog’s health and vitality.   They are looking forward to using the new vehicle to assist with supplement feeding during the winter months.

south-island-winnerSouth Island Winners; Susan & Robert Hayward, from Albury near Timaru. Susan and Robert manage two properties in Albury, 400ha of rolling tussock high country and a 600ha rolling downs block that has been in the family for 35 years. A stock manager and shepherd general work on the property and manage their daily tasks with 11 working dogs. The Haywards stock approximately 1800 ewes, with the addition of an Angus Stud and 300 breeding cows and a number of dairy grazers. Susan and Roger will enjoy using the Gator around their high country block.

August 7, 2014
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Dogs Love Possum

possum-nzHere in New Zealand, there is a big problem with an ever-growing population of small, cat-sized critters, the non-native possum. Now considered the country’s public enemy #1, the beady-eyed brushtail possum was introduced in 1837 to New Zealand from Australia as a way to establish a fur trade. Prior to this, New Zealand had evolved without such mammals for many millions of years.

Not only are these marsupials dangerous predators to the South Pacific nation’s defensiveless indigenous species, they have also dramatically impacted its delicate ecosystem by multiplying into the millions and eating literally tons of the country’s vegetation each night.

Therefore, the removal of possums from our forests without the use of pesticides encourages the regeneration of New Zealands forests and the protection of our native birds.

Since 2004 Fond Foods have manufactured a dog food packed with possum meat, called Possyum Supreme. Intially as a tinned product but is now packaged in a convenient dog roll, a tried and tested cooking method, that seals in the nutrients and vitamins.possyum dog roll

Possyum Supreme is a highly nutritious and palatable dog roll rich in omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids, including protein and vitamins. Dogs prefer possum meat and inclusion of this meat into their diets can improve appetite, and help maintain a healthy skin and coat.


The Possum muscle meat used in Possyum is sourced from a processing facility licensed by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and produced into rolls under a stringent production criteria.

Possyum is now available at most major supermarkets across New Zealand and selected Rural Resellers and Veterinary Clinics. View our Stockists page for more information.

Read more about Possyum Supreme, including nutritional and ingredient information.

May 25, 2014
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Limestone Downs

image12Crackers, together with wife Pam, works on ‘Limestone Downs’ Station, an iconic property of over 2,500ha consisting of generally gentle to rolling/steep farmland with scenic views located at the far end of Port Waikato. The property is as well known for its long association with Massey University and the various research projects carried out there as it is for its premier stock and progressive farming practices.

Cracker has seven dogs in his pack, plus four pups who are growing fast and he says Superior Chunky Dog Roll is a staple for his dogs who burn up the energy when the pressure is on.

“I’ve been a convert to Chunky Dog Roll for some time now. It suits my dogs down to the ground – they love it. It’s a labour saving product which is particularly cost effective and the dogs do well on it. Ticks all the boxes as far as I’m concerned.”

He says coming home after a busy day and having to kill an old ram or five is a time consuming drag, plus the old rams are worth quite a lot more now than they used to be so it’s not a cost effective way to do it.

“Chunky is an easy choice that I know is good for them. When they’re working hard they get a three split roll, then four or five split when they are working lightly or on vacation. There’s no need to freeze the rolls either and, if I’m away, Pam can easily manage the rolls too.

“I store my rolls in a normal dry storage area and they don’t dry out. I also quite like the fact they are manufactured from 100% New Zealand sourced meat and there’s no problem getting dogs onto it – in fact they drool at the mouth while they wait for their feed.”

He says Chunky is a very concentrated feed -100% protein with minimum water content.

“The only drawback would be that it’s better to break it up into chunks so your dogs don’t wolf it down too quick.”

image5Crackers also takes a few chunks out in his pack when his dogs are working hard –“it’s easy to transport and a bit fed during the day helps keep their energy levels up. “We all feed Chunky – there are around 35 working dogs on Limestone Downs which are also fed Chunky – it helps them hold condition and I only supplement with a few bics when they’re working really hard and for variety.

So Chunky Dog roll is clean, cost effective, convenient and highly palatable for the whole pack – can’t beat that combination really!