Limestone Downs


image12Crackers, together with wife Pam, works on ‘Limestone Downs’ Station, an iconic property of over 2,500ha consisting of generally gentle to rolling/steep farmland with scenic views located at the far end of Port Waikato. The property is as well known for its long association with Massey University and the various research projects carried out there as it is for its premier stock and progressive farming practices.

Cracker has seven dogs in his pack, plus four pups who are growing fast and he says Superior Chunky Dog Roll is a staple for his dogs who burn up the energy when the pressure is on.

“I’ve been a convert to Chunky Dog Roll for some time now. It suits my dogs down to the ground – they love it. It’s a labour saving product which is particularly cost effective and the dogs do well on it. Ticks all the boxes as far as I’m concerned.”

He says coming home after a busy day and having to kill an old ram or five is a time consuming drag, plus the old rams are worth quite a lot more now than they used to be so it’s not a cost effective way to do it.

“Chunky is an easy choice that I know is good for them. When they’re working hard they get a three split roll, then four or five split when they are working lightly or on vacation. There’s no need to freeze the rolls either and, if I’m away, Pam can easily manage the rolls too.

“I store my rolls in a normal dry storage area and they don’t dry out. I also quite like the fact they are manufactured from 100% New Zealand sourced meat and there’s no problem getting dogs onto it – in fact they drool at the mouth while they wait for their feed.”

He says Chunky is a very concentrated feed -100% protein with minimum water content.

“The only drawback would be that it’s better to break it up into chunks so your dogs don’t wolf it down too quick.”

image5Crackers also takes a few chunks out in his pack when his dogs are working hard –“it’s easy to transport and a bit fed during the day helps keep their energy levels up. “We all feed Chunky – there are around 35 working dogs on Limestone Downs which are also fed Chunky – it helps them hold condition and I only supplement with a few bics when they’re working really hard and for variety.

So Chunky Dog roll is clean, cost effective, convenient and highly palatable for the whole pack – can’t beat that combination really!

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