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possum-nzHere in New Zealand, there is a big problem with an ever-growing population of small, cat-sized critters, the non-native possum. Now considered the country’s public enemy #1, the beady-eyed brushtail possum was introduced in 1837 to New Zealand from Australia as a way to establish a fur trade. Prior to this, New Zealand had evolved without such mammals for many millions of years.

Not only are these marsupials dangerous predators to the South Pacific nation’s defensiveless indigenous species, they have also dramatically impacted its delicate ecosystem by multiplying into the millions and eating literally tons of the country’s vegetation each night.

Therefore, the removal of possums from our forests without the use of pesticides encourages the regeneration of New Zealands forests and the protection of our native birds.

Since 2004 Fond Foods have manufactured a dog food packed with possum meat, called Possyum Supreme. Intially as a tinned product but is now packaged in a convenient dog roll, a tried and tested cooking method, that seals in the nutrients and vitamins.possyum dog roll

Possyum Supreme is a highly nutritious and palatable dog roll rich in omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids, including protein and vitamins. Dogs prefer possum meat and inclusion of this meat into their diets can improve appetite, and help maintain a healthy skin and coat.


The Possum muscle meat used in Possyum is sourced from a processing facility licensed by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and produced into rolls under a stringent production criteria.

Possyum is now available at most major supermarkets across New Zealand and selected Rural Resellers and Veterinary Clinics. View our Stockists page for more information.

Read more about Possyum Supreme, including nutritional and ingredient information.


  1. My dog Basil loves Possum yum but it’s a bit too expensive but maybe one day I can buy it for a treat for him

    • Not expensive at all Shelly – my re-homed greyhound, at a decent 30kgs, needs only 250gms of this compared to 1.25kilo of ordinary dog roll per day. Plus she has less complications from the usual grain fillers used. She’s thriving on it. And if you factor in the savings for our native bush as well it’s a no-brainer.

      • 250 grams is suggested for a 20kg dog. How come your only feeding that little bit for a 30kg dog? Just curious..

        • Hi Lindsay, our roll is denser than others and hence has a higher level of energy and nutrition. That’s why you need less!

  2. I have a whippet/bull terrier x she tends to loose condition quickly (she is completely ball obsessed so is constantly running) so have started her on possyum & she loves it! I guess she is about 15-18 kgs is 250g enough? seems small..

  3. Could you please tell me where I can buy Possyum near where I live. I had heard about it in Auckland and have moved to Ngongotaha. I found some in Bayfair, Mt Maunganui and tried it with my dog who is extremely fussy and she ate it. I would like to find a nearer stockist than Mt Maunganui and would appreciate hearing from you.

    Many thanks

    Linda Gilmour

  4. My female 11 year old Jack Russell has been fed 100gm per day and she is putting on weight, why ?
    Regards Wendy

    • Hi Wendy, our dog rolls are a much denser roll than your typical refrigerated roll product and hence a good source of nutrition. We certainly only recommend a total daily feed of 100gm per 10kg of weight. Are you feeding her anything else during the day – or does she have access to other food? If she is having other feed (dry / wet) along with the roll then this might be too much for her. We’d be happy to discuss it with you by phone or via email if that makes it easier. Our contact details are on the ‘CONTACT’ tab if you need to get in touch

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