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Owner Rebecca Reed based in Feilding, Manawatu is trialling a new feeding regime for her dogs, switching to Superior Chunky and Possyum dog roll; read about their origins and new feed plan including Rebecca’s reasons for trying Superior Chunky and Possyum Supreme.

Meet the Pack



Connor – 8 years old / Bull Mastiff x Great Dane mix; predominantly black.








Ronan – 5 years old / Bull Mastiff x Great Dane mix; mostly tan with black markings.








Fergus – 3 years old / Hungarian Visla cross.







beach fun“Connor, Ronan and Fergus are big, beautiful mixed-breed dogs. Connor and Ronan were born in Brisbane, Australia while Fergus was born in the outback in a small mining town in remote north west Queensland, Australia. Our boys have always been our fur-babies and their health is a priority. They have been fed high quality dry and wet dog foods since puppy hood and enjoyed regular exercise wherever we have moved. Connor is our ”old man’ now and has arthritis which has slowed him down a bit. Supporting his joint health is essential as well as maintaining a healthy weight to minimise stress on his joints.  Ronan and Fergus are younger and far more energetic and during long walks they race ahead through the forest while Connor ambles along beside us. They are gentle giants and content hanging out with us and lounging around the backyard.  When we decided to leave Australia we couldn’t imagine leaving them behind. They  have settled in perfectly to life in New Zealand, enjoying the streams, forests and beaches nearby. We are thrilled to be complementing their happiness and well-being with high quality wet food from Superior Chunky.”

Feed Plan

First Feed.

First Feed

“We are feeding them a mixed dry / wet feed which they receive twice a day (breakfast and dinner).   Previously we had them on a Tux Original biscuit and Bruno wet dog roll combination. They have regular marrow bones (big leg bones that have been halved to create two bones each with a knuckle. They chew on the bones for a week or two until no soft bone (the knuckle) or marrow remains and then we buy some more.
The Bruno wet log works out at about 50c per day per dog.  The Tux biscuits (fed according to guidelines for an off-peak dog- our dogs aren’t working dogs) aprox $1 per day per dog.   Previous feeding cost are approximately = $4.50 a day total.
We are now feeding the dogs on Tux Original and Superior Chunky.  The two younger dogs, Ronan and Fergus, are on the Original at 100g per meal each plus biscuits. The older dog , Connor, is having 150g of Possyum per meal plus biscuits.”


superior-chunky-possyumWeek 1 Oberservations

After one week of Possyum, Connor is more bouncy (not a small feat for an arthritic dog), he seems happier and is eagerly awaiting his breakfast and dinner each day. Following one week of Chunky Original, Ronan and Fergus are as exuberant as ever in their daily activities and also extra enthusiastic for their meals. Overall I have noticed a slight decrease in the amount of dog poo.”





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