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Traditional Recipe & Cooking Method

Using a traditional recipe, tried, tested and true, our dog rolls are made following MAF guidelines by blending fresh quality ingredients; meat, offal, grains, vitamins, minerals and garlic, which are pumped into the roll casing and cooked immediately, this method promotes shelf stability by locking out air and bacteria so all the nutrients are retained and the end product is a top quality, nutritionally superior dog feed.

No Refrigeration Required

Ideal dog feed option for working canines, or for hunting dogs, out for days, and on the go!  No need to keep the product chilled, Superior Chunky Dog Roll and Possyum products are all shelf stable.

No Added Water

To maintain a high energy nutritionally complex product, no water is added in the cooking process.  This process means you feed your dog a smaller concentrated amount of food.  In comparison to other dog roll products, the feed rate is halved when using Superior Chunky.

Clean & No Mess

Superior Chunky is protein rich and is therefore a dense semi-moist dog feed, so no mess!  Simply slice as stated following the recommended feed rates, preferably breaking down into bite size chunks for your dog.

Fresh NZFSA New Zealand Meat

Only premium human grade meat and offal is used in Superior Chunky.  Sourced from export grade meat processing plants and distributed under strict AFFCO and NZFSA standards and quality control procedures.

Nutritionally Superior

Packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals for all breeds to achieve optimum health and vitality.  For a detailed break down of the nutritional value of our products, please read our Nutrition information page or speak to  your local rural stockist.

Suitable for All Breeds

Suitable for all breeds, from the family pet, to the conditioning required for show dogs and the performance required for fully fledged working canines.  Read our feature blog article on Waikato based sheep station, Limestone Downs for more information.

Health Benefits for your Dog

View our individual products for more information on the Health Benefits for your Dog, or view the latest Consumer Comparison, compiled by (October 2011).

Benefits for you, the Owner

For information on how cost effective feeding your dog Supeior Chunky is, and the Benefits as a Dog Owner or Breeder, please view our Feed Rates information page or speak to your vet/rural supplies stockist.