Twin Oak Angus



Roger, Susan and their three children farm Twin Oaks Angus Stud in Cave, west of Timaru in South Canterbury. They also lease another sheep and beef property.

They employ a Stock Manager and shepherds and can have up to 11 dogs on the properties.

They feed Chunky in conjunction with meat, usually beef, and have found that their dogs have more energy and keep in better condition. Before moving to Chunky, Roger and Susan had fed biscuits but were never convinced it was the answer and were unaware of Chunky as an alternative.

They tried Chunky when one of their bitches was struggling while feeding 10 pups, and were very impressed how quickly she lifted in condition “and the pups started to do really well’ says Roger. “We had only ever fed biscuits or meat and had never thought to try anything else until Ruby and her pups started to struggle. We tried Chunky and she very quickly lifted in condition and energy”.

Roger says that they now alternate feeding more often and having Chunky in the diet keeps the dogs in better condition “especially when they’re working flat out” he says “we also like the fact that we don’t need a freezer to store Chunky, it’s a saving, and every little bit helps”.

Susan particularly likes Chunky as the dogs are cleaner and easier to feed and she, and the kids, can feed the dogs without the worry and mess of “chopping up animals, axes, and fingers and thumbs!!”.

Roger Hayward Twin Oaks Angus 002 - postRoger says that “the dogs do really well on Chunky, it’s easy to feed the right portion for each dog, it keeps them in great shape even when they’re working hard … it’s a quality product”.

Learn more about the benefits of feeding Superior Chunky.  Visit the Twin Oaks Angus Website here.

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