Superior Chunky Lamb & Rice

lamb-chunkySuperior Chunky LAMB & RICE

A semi-moist dog roll made from fresh New Zealand lamb blended with rice, vitamins, minerals and garlic

Contains lamb & rice, semolina, sucrose, garlic, preservatives, added vitamins & minerals  |  Pack Size 2.2kg

 No Added Water | No Refrigeration Required | Complies with AAFCO/NZFSA


MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT : Quality NZ sourced meat products rich in protein which is necessary for the development and maintenance of muscle

VISION & EYE HEALTH : Blended with a selection of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A to maintain eye health and vision

DIGESTION : Selected wholegrains are a vital source of dietary fibre which aids digestion

ENERGY : Blended grains provide the carbohydrates essential for energy and vitality

SKIN & COAT HEALTH : Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids help promote good skin health and a shiny coat

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